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  Neural Latam provides specialised consulting and technology solutions to bridge the gap between the always on consumer and your business.  Whether you are brick & mortar,  Dotcom Pure play, Hybrid or in the middle, Neural can help you enhance your business model through improved consumer journey understanding, advanced analytics, and future of retail foresight 


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We are scaling down our store footprint due to reduced traffic and focusing our efforts to drive e-commerce
— Senior VP, top 10 Retail in U.S.
Our brick and mortar model no longer withstands the test of time. We need to engage and entertain our customers into our malls, and technology is a key component for doing that
— Senior Exec, top 5 Mall Operator in Latam
Or we begin deeply understanding our consumers or we will soon die, as our online competitors know them much better than us
— CMO, Top Retailer, Latam
Loyalty is no longer a card, is not points, its long lasting relationship due to deep understanding of the consumer desires needs and wants.
— CEO, Clothing Retail Chain, Europe

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