With your business context in mind


A proven team of seasoned industry executives that understand your unique business problems.  We start with the Consumer Decision Journey at the center of all we do, and enable your team to answer key business questions through the integration of relevant consumer technology.  We provide the best solutions to manage your customer´s experience: whether you are in Retail, City Management, or Education.  From asset optimisation, service level monitoring,  to community building, we ensure your business delivers top, bottom results while achieving increasing satisfaction levels


Cristian Moreno Terrazas


Fraunhofer Research Institute

Holding CIFCO


Singularity University

"Cristian´s multi-industry, private and public sector business management experience provides Neural Customers of a unique view of what innovation can make possible, and how to appropriately pace your business into the future"

Xavier Lombardo Bolzon

VP LG Electronics

Marketing Director Procter & Gamble Latinoamérica

MBA University of Pittsburgh

GMP Harvard Business School

"Xavier´s expertise in high-end technology durables and mass CPG retailing provides Neural Customers of a unique view of the Consumer and Shopper in the digital age, and how to leverage that knowledge for your business"

Carlos Quinzacara E.

Co-Founder Nboga Trendsetting Goods

Falabella.com E-commerce

Universidad de Chile PG Commerce & Digital Mkt

"Carlos´s track record in digital commerce provides Neural Customers of a unique view of how technology is disrupting traditional retail business models at their core, and how to fix it"

Esteban Elias

Executive Partner of Elias & Cia Law Firm

"Esteban´s information technology practice experience with customers of various sizes and complexities, provides Neural Customers of a unique view of the legal issues behind new technology adoption, and how to overcome them"